Byrd's Famous Cookies Opens in Pigeon Forge

Byrd's Famous Cookies opens in pigeon forge










No one will ever be able to convince me that there is anything better than a freshly baked cookie. I know, that is a big statement, but it rings true. From the “melt in your mouth” first bite to the aroma of fresh cookies filling up the house, nothing is better. That is why I was so excited to hear that a new cookie bakery was opening up in The Island. Byrd’s Famous Cookies opened up a shop at the end of October at The Island and you, for sure, want to make a pit stop there on your next visit. 

About Byrd’s Famous Cookies

This is the first Byrd’s Famous Cookies in the state of Tennessee. They already have 8 other locations in Georgia and South Carolina. In 2018, they produced more than 1 billion cookies. Wow. You know what else is wonderful about this cookie business? It is still family owned. The first Byrd’s Famous Cookies opened up in 1924 by Benjamin Tillman Byrd Sr. Today, his great-granddaughter is the CEO and she has been running it since 2011. Hats off to all the multi-generational family businesses out there!

It is one of the largest and fastest growing independent cookie companies in the United States. With many awards backing up their cookies, we are thrilled to have them in Pigeon Forge. 

Inside the Cookie Shop

Byrd's Famous Cookies opens in pigeon forge

Once you enter the cookie shop, you are greeted with a Cookie Bar that offers free samples and a wide variety of their cookie tins and gifts. I absolutely suggest you enjoy the Cookie Bar before making a purchase. Although, they are all delicious so it will be tough if you are have the mindset of only buying one kind. Trust me on that. Some of their most popular cookies are: 

-Maples Wafers

-Benne Wafers

-Key Lime Cookers (made history when it became the first cookie to win Dessert of the Year at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show)

-Almond Shortbread 

-Lemon Coolers

-Chocolate Chip

-Scotch Oatmeal

-Salted Caramel

-Cinnamon Sugar

-Ginger Snap

-Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

They also carry some Gluten Free options!

Are you one of those people that do not necessarily have a sweet tooth? No worries, they offer savory items as well like Cheddar Crisps and different flavors of biscuits. 

Other Shops to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth at The Island

Cinnabon: The aroma of sweet buns baking in the overn simply beg you to walk into this little shop. Their rolls are famous and served warm! They also offer a variety of other baked goods too. 

The Island Creamery: Everyone loves ice cream and most of the time, it does not even matter if it is freezing outside – you simply need some year round. The Island Creamery sells homemade ice cream and a few other sweet treats as well. 

Sweet!: Kids absolutely love this store. Big kids (aka adults) do too. It is 2,500 square feet of wall to wall candy. You can find something for everyone on your Christmas Stocking List in this sweet shop with ease. 

The Fudgery: Nothing tops off the day like enjoying a good piece of fudge. Stop in for a treat, they will probably even sing to you!

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